The British Glove Company

About us

We are a British brand, based in the South West of England, situated in a glove manufacturing area that dates back to 1349. Having this historical link to the clothing garment, we want to carry it on into the future allowing this wonderful tradition to survive.

Our aim is to take the best parts of classic styles and add a modern edge, mixing traditional charm with up to date fashion.

The leathers and linings we use are by-products of the food, wool and dairy industries. It is a completely renewable resource. We use local tanneries including Pittards which are famous for their gloving leather and have been supplying manufacturers in the industry since 1826.

We pride our selves in creating the most luxurious gloves you will find using the highest quality leathers, linings and fabulous craftsmanship. We produce an item that is made to last as well as giving you a little bit of opulence in your day to day life.

Once you have put on one of our gloves you will not want to take them off – We promise!

About Our Gloves